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Zhaohui Li

Current Position           Senior Researcher in Translational Stem Cell Technology

Contact Information     Institute of Biomedical Engineering
                                    Department of Engineering Science
                                    Old Road Campus Research Building
                                    University of Oxford
                                    OX3 7DQ

                                    Tel: +44 1865 617653

Research Interests

Zoe is a goal-oriented R&D leader with over 12 years of experience in stem cell and tissue engineering research and biotech start-ups, leading development of advanced three-dimensional (3D) perfused cell culture platforms and bioprocessing engineering products for regenerative medicine and cell therapy research and commercialisation




2007 Wolfson College, Oxford University, DPhil in Tissue Engineering

Thesis topic: Molecular markers for monitoring engineered tissue growth using microdialysis

1989 School of Chemical Engineering, Dalian University of Technology, China, BEng in Polymer Chemical Engineering    

Work Experience

Dec 2012 – Now Senior Researcher in Translational Stem Cell Technology, CRMI Centre, Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Oxford University

Nov 2013 – Now Chief Operation Officer at Oxford MESTAR Ltd, Oxford Science Park

Oct 2009 – Nov 2012 Head of Biology at CN Bio innovation (previously Zyoxel  Ltd) Begbroke Science Park

Sep 2007 – Sep 2009 Post-doc Researcher at Oxford Stem Cell Institute, Oxford University

Jan 2003 – Sep 2003 Academic visitor in Engineering Department, Oxford University

July 1989 – June 2002 Quality-control Engineer at Liaoning Exit & Entry Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (CIQ), China



Journal Papers

  1. Xiao Wan, Zhaohui Li, Hua Ye, Zhanfeng Cui. Three-dimensional perfused tumour spheroid model for anti-cancer drug screening. Biotechnology Letters. Accepted.
  2. Yueting Wu, Jiachen Sun, Julian George, Qingxi Liu, Hua Ye, Dan Ge, Yang Liu, Yaozhou Zhang, Zhanfeng Cui, Zhaohui Li. Study of neuroprotective function of Ginkgo Biloba extract (EGb761) derived-flavonoid monomers using a three-dimensional stem cell-derived neuron model. Biotechnology Progress. Accepted.
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Book Chapters

  1. Li Z.  In vitro micro-tissue and –organ models for toxicity testing. In: M Moo-Young (Ed): Comprehensive Biotechnology 2e, Elsevier, ISBN 978-0-08-088504-9, 2011, Vol 5, pp551-563.
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