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Centre for Doctoral Training in Healthcare Innovation

A Centre for Doctoral Training which has admitted 82 PhD students since October 2009 and which currently has 22 students engaged in graduate research related to healthcare innovation.

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The Centre for Doctoral Training in Healthcare Innovation concerns healthcare innovation and, specifically, training the next generation of biomedical engineering (BME) researchers.These researchers need not only to be well-equipped with a knowledge of modern BME principles and techniques, but also need to be well-versed in the principles and application of translational research skills (i.e. have an appreciation of the potential healthcare impact of technology advances, principles of clinical trials and commercialization of research). Such training will lead to higher quality research, explored in more depth, and we expect graduates from our programme to go on to become leaders in the BME field in academia or the healthcare industry.

The Research Councils UK (RCUK) Digital Economy Programme is supporting the cost of running the CDT in Healthcare Innovation for six intakes of students. The sixth and final intake of students in the programme started in October 2014 and are due to complete their studies in September 2018.

Although the CDT in Healthcare Innovation is no longer accepting students on its programme, you can apply to do a PhD in the Department of Engineering Science, and choose a supervisor whose research interests are in the biomedical engineering field. For more information, please see the postgraduate pages on the Department’s website at:

Any queries regarding applying for a PhD in Engineering Science should be addressed to the Department of Engineering Science, at: