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Focused Ultrasound for Pancreatic Cancer

University of Oxford Announces Opening of PanDox Phase 1 Study investigating Targeted Drug Delivery by Focused Ultrasound for Pancreatic Cancer

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AI tool for streamlining prostrate biopsy workflow

Designed by pathologists and biomedical image experts, the workflow could save hundreds of pathologist hours, with potential for NHS savings and acceleration of prostate cancer diagnoses

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Impact Award for DPhil’s role in developing rapid diagnostic test used in UK airports

MPLS COVID-19 Award recognises Boon Lim’s contribution to designing early experiments, overseeing clinical trials and setting up airport testing labs

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AI endoscopy enables 3D surface measurements of pre-cancerous condition in oesophagus

Clinicians and engineers in Oxford using Artificial Intelligence alongside endoscopy to determine patients most at risk of developing cancer

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EPSRC funding announced to tackle resistance to antibiotics

Researchers aim to avert an antibiotics apocalypse where current treatments become ineffective due to antibiotic resistance, through new ‘drug-free’ ways of treating illnesses.

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