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2012 Market Research Project Abstracts

Future Healthcare NI - Dr Paul Moutray

Web Based Hosted Software Solutions for the UK’s Healthcare Industry

Bed Management System lacks the capability to communicate information in real time. At the moment, each ward needs to fill in daily the bed occupation on an excel sheet and send it to the ambulance service who will enter the data for each ward of each hospital. The system takes a lot of time and the information is often outdated when reaching ambulance service.

The research will focus on identifying the current bed management system that leading healthcare institutions in the UK has. The objective at the end of the project will be to have a clear understanding of the Intellectual Property Issues surrounding our product with proposed routes to market and also with a clear statement of commercial potential.

Coller IP Management Ltd - Dr Jackie Maguire

The IP Landscape for Information Driven Healthcare

Use of proprietary tools and techniques to study the IP landscape surrounding Information Driven Healthcare.  On selection of a specific technology, the student will carry out a competitor analysis considering the commercial and legal strengths of the IP portfolios of leading organisations working in the selected technology field.

Corin UK - Leona Morton / David Simpson

Alternative bearing materials for joint replacement

Current metal-on-metal joint replacements are causing major clinical problems due to the release of metal wear debris and its subsequent effect on both tissues surrounding the implant and systemically. This project will survey the industry response to this situation and investigate the interest in novel bearing material combinations, together with appropriate implant fixation systems.

GSMA - Richard Cockle

Evidence for mHealth

One of the major barriers against the widespread uptake of mobile health is the lack of clinical evidence that has been generated from the trials that have been on-going. This lack of evidence is not only an issue for complex connected device solution but also for the simple SMS services that are wide spread, particularly in the developing world. This is demonstrated within the following article:  Few SMS health applications have been evaluated. Within this research paper the amount of evidence for mobile health should be investigated and strong evidence should be identified within this analysis. Recommendations should be made into how best to track the publication of new research into mobile health so that can be added easily to the body of evidence that the GSMA is looking to promote in this area.

GSMA - Richard Cockle

The potential for NFC usage in Healthcare

One of the biggest innovations within the mobile industry at the moment is the introduction of NFC (Near Field Communication) within the payments and ticketing ecosystem, with the technology being designed to be used in scenario’s that range from replacement of debit cards through to mobile devices being used for payment on public transport.

The flexible nature of NFC is leading to the technology being developed in scenarios outside of the financial industry. The pioneers of mHealth have already begun implementing new innovation solutions using this emerging technology, and there are already products shipping that allow for everything from keyless locks for homes to worker time-card and hour tracking systems. Not surprisingly, substantial work is underway to integrate NFC-based solutions into healthcare systems.

H2O Venture Partners - Brian Holdcroft

Point of care sepsis diagnosis

Affordable, rapid Point of Care diagnostics for bacterial infection to identify the onset of sepsis could provide an important tool in the prevention of death. The IP landscape for a novel potential rapid test is required. The study will also consider competing low cost tests. Whilst the market and utility in western markets is understood, a consideration of the potential and utility in a range of emerging country markets will be considered.

H2O Venture Partners - Brian Holdcroft

Low cost 3D imaging of the eye

To review the intellectual property landscape of a novel low cost 3D retinal imaging system and compare and contrast its performance with both existing competitive technologies, such as OCT and scanning laser ophthalmoscopes, and emerging alternative methods which may include multi-spectral imaging. Whist the particular application of direct interest is for glaucoma detection in developing country settings, a study of the wider market potential in western markets is to be considered.

Impulse Dynamics NV - Dr Irit Yaniv CEO

The Economic Benefit ofCCM Therapy for HF patients in the UK

Cardiac Contractility Modulation (CCM) is a unique and innovative method for treating patients with moderate-to-severe chronic heart failure (CHF) that are symptomatic despite optimal medical therapy. Clinical evidence supports the use of CCM in moderate to severe heart failure, but its cost-effectiveness is still not demonstrated. This project will aim to assess the economic and health consequences in the UK of implanting a CCM in patients with NYHA class III–IV heart failure.

Intelligent Ultrasound - Andy Hill

Current and future costs of echocardiography: The potential cost benefit  of improved rates of ultrasound-based diagnosis

To undertake research (desk-based, via telephone interview and face-to-face interviews where appropriate) to examine the current cost burden of echocardiography services on the UK NHS at the healthcare resource group (HRG) level.

Lein Applied Diagnostics Ltd - Dr Dan Daly

Scanning Confocal Metrology for Through Skin Diagnostics

The purpose of this market research project is to perform a critical analysis of Lein’s scanning confocal technology and the patents protecting it, review the through skin applications for the technology and then map where the most feasible markets are and how they fit together in terms of time to market, size of market, risk etc.

The overall goal is to recommend new through skin market opportunities for Lein and highlight the technical and patent filing steps necessary to enable Lein to address those markets.

Mirada Medical - Dr Mark Gooding

Chart rounds for radiotherapy

In radiotherapy, many institutions conduct team meetings, known as chart rounds, where treatment plans are reviewed to ensure high quality treatment. This project considers the market for software to support the chart rounds for radiotherapy.

Novarix - Mr John Scott

Vein Viewer

  • Identifying clinicians in both hospital and primary care settings who cannulate or draw blood
  • Interviewing clinicians to ascrtain procedure used and how the device could be fitted into the procedure
  • Allowing the clinician to use the device and determine the need to attach the device and if so required, explore the best way to do so. (bearing in mind issues such as time required, cleanliness and infection control issues etc.)

Lime Tree Innovations - Mr Andrew Larkins

The Market Potential for Non-Contact Vital Signs Monitoring Systems

Is there a commercial opportunity for a system that allows vital signs monitoring without needing sensor fitted on the patient’s body?  Where would it be of most use? What characteristic are required for the system?

The student will examine the current market for vital signs monitors and identify where body mounted sensors are least desirable.