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M. Berkan Sesen

Alumni of New College

Clarendon Fund Scholarship

DPhil  Research

An online clinical decision support application for lung cancer care

I am currently developing a state of the art clinical decision support application to assist lung cancer specialists to reach evidence-based and personalised treatment decisions. The online application, Lung Cancer Assistant, acts as an intelligent patient form that can provide both guideline rule-based and probabilistic treatment recommendations for Non-small Cell and Small Cell lung cancer patient entries. The system includes up-to-date guideline rules from the major guideline providers and the probabilistic decision support is provided by a Bayesian Network trained on the English Lung Cancer Database (LUCADA).The current version of LCA is accessible online at: Lung Cancer Assistant. The Lung Cancer Assistant is still a prototype, but has significant potential to be refined and deployed for clinical use in lung cancer MDT’s in the UK.