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Training Associates

The CDT works in partnership with a number of external consultants to provide a responsive training programme to develop the Research Skills of students in Years 2 to 4.

Examples include:

  • 'Managing Your DPhil Effectively' for year 2 students
  • 'Engaging Presentations and Networking For Doctoral Students' for year 3 students
  • ‘How to Win Your Perfect Job’ for year 4 students

Maureen York - The Calm Coach

Maureen YorkMaureen York, has worked in and around the University of Oxford since 1994 and has extensive experience of supporting, mentoring and coaching staff and students in both an informal and professional capacity. As a qualified Life Coach, Maureen's expertise is in helping people to create a better life-work balance, develop their careers, manage stress/stressful situations, and regain their focus/perspective. Maureen has a unique ability to create a calm, relaxed space from which people can resolve any issues they may have as well as grow and develop.

Maureen is continually updating her skills and expertise and is currently working in the area of intuitive thinking and the nature of thought and how it impacts our experience of life. Having an understanding of the inside-out nature of life provides the client with a deeper understanding of how they can enhance their experience of both their work and personal lives. This principle-based work is currently being used in a wide variety of arenas including (but not exclusively) - education, relationship guidance, the penal system, women’s support groups, leadership and management, and a whole host of professional sports including golf, ice hockey, and American football.

Sarah McCloughry - Anrah Development Ltd

Sarah McCloughrySarah McCloughry is Director of Anrah Development Ltd, providing training programmes for Oxford’s Institute of Biomedical Engineering.  Anrah’s programmes help doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers to increase confidence, performance and engagement at conferences and interview.

Sarah McCloughry is a graduate of Central School of Speech and Drama having won an exhibition for outstanding acting. At Central School, she achieved distinction in Verse Speaking and Voice Production, Central School diplomas and a teaching qualification from London University. She went on to teach a variety of groups – secondary schools, youth clubs, adults and ex-prisoners. After 11 years, she retrained as a psychotherapist and ran a successful North Oxford consultancy for a further 28 years. To enhance her skills, she acquired coaching qualifications and worked with people at senior level both in industry and in not for profit organisations such as the Committee on Climate Change, Stockholm Environment Institute and Oxfam.

Nowadays, she helps senior women and their teams in science and engineering win agreement and buy-in at the highest level by providing training on influencing skills in presentation and networking, in negotiation, at board meetings and at interview. Her clients include Barclays Corporate, sportscotland, Chelton and Astrium (EADS).

In partnership with Oxford University’s Institute of Biomedical Engineering, she designs and delivers programmes for doctoral students from the Centre of Doctoral Training on “Engaging Presentations And Networking At Conferences”. The students acquire skills in:

  • persuasive presentations that attract positive attention, recognition and engagement in their research
  • networking strategies that increase knowledge and confidence to connect with influencers such as heads of labs and clinicians to gain citation, collaboration and potential employment.

This training equips students to promote strong referrals in achieving grant funding, investment and robust, long-standing, beneficial relationships both for students, the Centre For Doctoral Training, IBME and industry partners.

In collaboration with recruitment associates, Sarah McCloughry provides the popular “How To Win A Perfect Job” programme. This programme challenges and encourages participants to develop:

  • a career plan
  • recognition of strengths and transferable skills
  • a well designed CV and covering letter
  • persuasive phone and face-to-face interviewing skills

Participants increase their chances of success of winning the most favourable jobs in industry and in the highly competitive academic arena.

Louise Baron - Baron Associates

Louise BaronDr Louise Baron,, has been designing and running a range of transferable skills courses for research students for more than ten years. She has presented these at Imperial College London, University College London, the universities of Exeter, Brunel, Southampton, Sheffield, and Birmingham, as well as Oxford University. She is a tutor on the award-winning “Finish Up, Move On” two-day workshop designed for PhD students in their final stage by Imperial College London Graduate School.

In previous lives, she has been a shop assistant, civil servant (at the British Museum in the 1960s), and a market-stall holder. She eventually settled on geology as a career.

A BSc at King’s College London in 1981 was followed by several years’ work in southern Africa in both mining and exploration where she had management responsibilities. Back in the UK, a spell as a consulting geologist was combined with PhD studies at Imperial College London. Her PhD was awarded in 1997 (recent enough to remember the travails as well as the pleasures).

When not working, Louise spends her time messing about with mp3 files, teaching herself English history, and desperately trying to master watercolour painting.