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Confirmation of Status

Confirmation of D.Phil Status Guidelines for Students in the Department of Engineering Science.

Those holding D.Phil. status are required to confirm their D.Phil. status between the sixth and ninth terms of registration.  Confirmation of Status represents the next point of formal scrutiny of your progress after Transfer of Status. The Department requires this assessment to be no later than 6 terms, unless otherwise agreed with the Director of Graduate Studies. Both the Transfer of Status and Confirmation of Status must be completed before a student is permitted to submit a thesis for examination.

For Confirmation, students must:

  1. Present a poster at the end of the second year, at a poster presentation organised by the Graduate Studies Administrator, and submit an A4 copy of this.
  2. Submit a further conference or journal submission, or a thesis chapter (i.e. in addition to the paper submitted for Transfer of Status).  This need not be in the prescribed format for Transfer.
  3. Submit a detailed plan for completion by 3 years including
    1. An outline of the research contribution of your thesis overall
    2. A description of what research progress to date and a quantification of the  percentage of the thesis this comprise
    3. A detailed timetable of activities until completion with identification of crunch points and risks.
  4. Submit a statement from the supervisor on the progress and quality of the plan.

For 1,3 & 4 you should follow the format as for the transfer of status submission, although the documentation should be stapled rather than bound. The material for submission should be combined into a single pdf file - the file should then be emailed to the Print Room (  - make sure to give your full name (First name, family name) and the names of all members of your Supervisory Committee in the body of your e-mail, so the Print Room know how many copies to print.  It is your responsibility to ensure that the printed documentation is submitted to the Department's Graduate Studies Office at least one month before the end of the 6th term, i.e. 1st September. 

The Supervisory Committee (as appointed in your first year) will reconvene to assess the submitted material and will make a recommendation.  Where the decision is not straightforward, the panel may require an interview with you.

Following a recommendation to the Director of Graduate Studies from the Supervisory Committee, you will need to complete a GSO.14 Confirmation of Status application form to formalise the process with the University.