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Mauricio Villarroel

Senior Researcher


Mauro completed his undergraduate engineering degrees in South America and his doctorate degree in Engineering Science from the University of Oxford. As a research scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he collaborated for several years with major hospitals and companies to develop a number of advanced monitoring algorithms and concepts to improve the efficiency, accuracy and timeliness of clinical decision making in intensive care. He was instrumental in the development and dissemination of the Intelligent Monitoring in Intensive Care (MIMIC) II database, one of the first public research resources containing detailed medical records from tens of thousands of patients from several Intensive Care Units. Since 2010, as a senior researcher at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Oxford, Mauro leads a research group for the development of probabilistic models and machine learning algorithms using video cameras and wearable sensors to understand the underlying physiological state of both adult patients and premature infants, especially those with moderate to severe long-term conditions. His major focus is in video and image analysis for the non-intrusive/non-contact physiological measurement of patients’ vital signs, activity and an understanding of the visual environment in a hospital setting.