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Nicolas Arning

Nicolas Arning MSc

DPhil Student


Nick completed his MSc and BSc in Biological Sciences within the Special Study Program Evolution at the Westfalische Wilhelms-Universitat Munster before starting his DPhil in the Interdisciplinary Bioscience Doctoral Training Centre in 2017.

Research Interests

Nick's DPhil is in the field of paleogenetics: making use of the ancient genetic material of bacteria that have entered the "Short Read Archive" as contamination. Through sequence composition approaches, combined with machine learning, he aims to model the complete trajectory of bacterial evolution. The history of co-evolution of bacteria and humans, as well as accurate estimations of mutational rate, should thus be made accessible for the first time.

Nick is also supervised by Prof. Daniel Wilson, leader of the "Pathogen Genomics" group within the Nuffield Department of Medicine.

Current Projects

Nick's work focuses on applying combined approaches to further understanding of the history of co-evolution of bacteria and humans, and to make accessible for the first time accurate estimations of mutational rate.

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